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Thank you for visiting CoDA Literature UK & EU. We're grateful to announce the CoDA Inc. licensing agreement has been extended,
and look forward to continuing to serve you!

***Good News! - after continued improvements, we have been able to RAISE THE PAYPAL threshold to £100.00 ***

Third-party vendors charge high fees to handle transactions, therefore we've tried to keep the literature prices as low as possible. However, we've found this workable at this time, and will continue to improve and monitor the pricing for fees.

Home Groups & Members in EUROPE & EU: The ordering for your countries is going well, cost-effective in terms of shipping/postage, and we're happy to help you. If you live outside the UK (not USA) please get in touch via our contact form and we'll handle your order!

Coming soon: Service Manuals, Bookmarks, and meeting posters!

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"Your dedication and efficiency shines through and I admire that! You’re also a pleasure to

deal with as you value and respect your customer. Every good wish" MW

"Hi ! Thanks for great service!" NB

"Thank you. The books arrived promptly Saturday morning. It is a very easy and

cheap ordering system. Best wishes" LM

"We received the books this morning . Thank you again for all your help with this." AH

"It literally landed on my doorstep next day!" JG

"Received already! That was quick! Thank you so much! Have a great weekend too!" JK

A note of gratitude to all of the home groups and individual members who have ordered. We are moved by the emails, comments and overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone. If we can be of service, please let us know.

NEW! Affirmations Booklets & Bookmarks


Bound literature books.

•Big Book

• Steps Workbook

• Pocket Big Book

• Daily Meditation Book


• Handbooks for Newcomers, etc.

• Range of A5 Booklets

Individual Folded A4 Pamphlets

• All Seven Titles


Dear Members, Currently there are TWO WAYS to pay for CoDA UK Literature:

1. Orders UNDER £100 = online, by Paypal, (or BACS transfer)

2. Orders OVER £100 = by BACS bank transfer or in person at a Halifax branch ONLY

**IMPORTANT: at checkout YOU WILL ONLY SEE ONE OPTION FOR ORDERS OVER £100 - please select this, and take the following steps.**

The reason for this is that because the online ordering systems charge exhorbitant fees, we cannot offer credit card transactions in order to keep the cost of CoDA Literature very low (we'd rather you have materials than have banks take your cash).

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: We DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES DIRECTLY. IF YOU WISH TO PAY BY CHEQUE YOU MUST TAKE IT TO A HALIFAX, BANK OF SCOTLAND or LLOYDS and pay into our account as indicated below. Please DO NOT send cheques to our warehouse address, as this will delay your order. Thank you.


1. Complete your order here, and take down the final, total amount

2. Initiate a payment via online, telelphone banking, or in person for the full amount

3. Once received/cleared, we will ship your order

BACS/Bank payments are a cash payment you initiate AT YOUR BANK. It has nothing to do with our online systems, or our web site. You must either use online banking, or telephone banking to send the payment to our sort code and account number - or take the payment in physically.

This is a very simple process for most people once you learn how, and is explained in full, by clicking this link:

Alternatively, you can pay in cash or by cheque (take 5 days to clear), in person at any Halifax or Bank of Scotland branch, using these details. The order is held until the payment is received. In order to do this, you will need to use telephone or online banking with your bank, and transfer to:

Polwarth Publishing

sort code: 80-22-60

account: 06483274

Thank You