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Be well & thank you for a year of healthy relationships, 

as well as the opportunity to be of service :)

Please have a look at the various notes below, pasted here on the home page for convenience. These things are also part of the Terms & Conditions that are accepted in order to make a purchase.

We are a service vendor to fellow CoDA members. The intent is to keep costs as low as possible to members and home groups.

Note to EU customers:
due to logistics and manual processing, please allow 3-5 business days processing time.
We are looking at upgrading the system to mprove this, but will have to do it in steps.


The ONLY CoDA official distributor for English CoDA Literature
Web Site for CoDA Literature in the United Kingdom,
European Union & Europe.

"Your dedication and efficiency shines through and I admire that! You’re also a pleasure to

deal with as you value and respect your customer. Every good wish" MW

"Hi ! Thanks for great service!" NB

"Thank you. The books arrived promptly Saturday morning. It is a very easy and

cheap ordering system. Best wishes" LM

"We received the books this morning . Thank you again for all your help with this." AH

"It literally landed on my doorstep next day!" JG

"Received already! That was quick! Thank you so much! Have a great weekend too!" JK

A note of gratitude to all of the home groups and individual members who have ordered. We are moved by the emails, comments and overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone. If we can be of service, please let us know.

Affirmations Booklets & Bookmarks


Bound literature books.

•Big Book

• Steps Workbook

• Pocket Big Book

• Daily Meditation Book


• Handbooks for Newcomers, etc.

• Range of A5 Booklets

Individual Folded A4 Pamphlets

• All Seven Titles



ALL ORDERS over £20 MUST BE SIGNED FOR. We cannot be responsible for "special arrangements" with couriers (e.g. leave on porch).  Once the shipment leaves the depot we have no control over the transaction between UK Mail or Royal Mail. It is either received, or simply sent back.

SOMEONE MUST BE PRESENT to accept deliveries. We have a 99.5% success rate with UK Mail next-day.

Two delivery attempts are made per order. However, in the event a delivery cannot be made:

1. A £20.00 return fee applies, charged by the courier

2. A second delivery fee will apply to re-ship the order.

We are not Amazon, we are a service to CoDA Home Groups and Members. The shipping arrangements are simple, and affordable - keeping costs to home groups and members to a minimum.

Please make arrangements accordingly! Thank you & gratefully...

1 JUNE 2018, Browser Issues/Incomplete Payments: It seems some people have had difficulties completing the payment stage. While this site, never handles anything to do with the payment transactions, we are trying to identify the problem. Paypal is problematic, in general - they change their interface often. This means that anyone using a mobile phone or slightly older computer/browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox) can have issues with the redirect to Paypal.

If this happens, we recommend:

-Use the latest version of your browser, upgrade when available

-We do not recommend Internet Explorer, or other underdeveloped software

-Try your computer if your phone has issues

*IF* your order is placed but simply fails at payment stage with Paypal, we can issue a direct Paypal invoice to you. (This is why we prefer the bank transfer - easier for all concerned, and less costly).

If you can, use our contact form and send details of any issues/errors so we can try to identify the problems.

Thank you! 

SECURITY INFO: This site is engineered and facilitated by the industry leader in the UK/Europe, utilising the latest and constantly updated encryption technology. Even so, payments for literature are NEVER handled by this site directly. Payments for orders are done through Paypal, or a direct bank transfer - providing the highest levels of security.  CoDA Literature does NOT retain any payment details, or process any financial information. This has been set up intentionally to ensure the safety, anonymity and security of members. We constantly monitor and address security and Data Protection needs. Thank you!

PAYPAL info: Paypal is the most secure, audited and accepted for of payment for small online order systems at this time. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO CREATE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO USE A CREDIT CARD. If you do not see this option at checkout, try quitting an restarting your browser, or using a different browser. Ofcom and Data Protection makes it unacceptable for any retailer to require an account for an online purchase.


important shipping information

We are very grateful to be of service to members, many of which are starting to order from the Canary Islands, Netherlands or Paris. Please note the following when considering your order...

1. The most cost-effective way to order literature is IN BULK from a member or home group. Shipments are calculated BY WEIGHT. The more people that participate, the better the shipping cost.

2. However, we will happily fulfil small/individual orders, but please be advised the shipping can be expensive for small items - (for example, two Big Books and a few pamphlets coupld cost €10-15, - where you could get a larger order of six Big Book and materials for a home group for about the same cost).

3. When you place your order, we get quotes from the various sources - Royal Mail, DHL, Chronpost, UPS, etc. and pass on the most reliable, tracked service for your order. We do not add-on additional charges for this.

4. SHIPPING IS NOT FREE. When you place an order, and pay via Paypal, the shipping charges on the invoice will show "£0.00" - this is because we have to calculate shipping after your order, and send you a separate invoice. If you prefer to do things all at once, for orders over £50 please send us your list and delivery details via the contact form. We work to help home groups all the time.

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding! 99% of shipments to Europe have been fast, efficient, and problem free.


***Good News! PAYPAL threshold now £500.00

You may still use a bank transfer for the time being, if you prefer!


We have simplified the ordering. You may register and fill out the order, and pay either using the PAYPAL link or BANK TRANSFER. We will then get back with a shipping invoice to then pay. This helps us serve you in two ways:

1. The initial payment for just the books means we can process right away

2. We can then obtain several competitive quotes/prices for shipping at the time, and get you the best deal. (Setting fixed shipping rates are rarely good value).

We'll continue to use UPS, DHL, Post NL, ChronPost, etc.

please report any problems via the: CONTACT PAGE

Coming soon: Service Manuals, Bookmarks, Chips and meeting posters!


Dear Members, Currently there are TWO WAYS to pay for CoDA UK Literature, PAYPAL and BANK TRANSFER:

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: We DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES DIRECTLY. IF YOU WISH TO PAY BY CHEQUE YOU MUST TAKE IT TO A HALIFAX, BANK OF SCOTLAND or LLOYDS and pay into our account as indicated below. Please DO NOT send cheques to our warehouse address, as this will delay your order. Thank you.


1. Complete your order here, and take down the final, total amount

2. Initiate a payment via online, telelphone banking, or in person for the full amount

3. Once received/cleared, we will ship your order

BACS/Bank payments are a cash payment you initiate AT YOUR BANK. It has nothing to do with our online systems, or our web site. You must either use online banking, or telephone banking to send the payment to our sort code and account number - or take the payment in physically.

This is a very simple process for most people once you learn how, and is explained in full, by clicking this link:

Alternatively, you can pay in cash or by cheque (take 5 days to clear), in person at any Halifax or Bank of Scotland branch, using these details. The order is held until the payment is received. In order to do this, you will need to use telephone or online banking with your bank, and transfer to:

Polwarth Publishing

sort code: 80-22-60

account: 06483274

Thank You