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Because this is a facilitative/utility resource, we’ve endeavored to offer the most reasonable rates and options for CoDA members, and book prices at the cheapest level possible while ensuring good print quality, however this comes with certain limitations and parameters. Please note:

***FOR A DESCRIPTION OF WHAT 'BACS' payments are, please read this: ***

A. Orders - Paypal Payment or BACS

Purchases up to £500.00 can be paid for with Credit/Debit card via Paypal, BACS bank payment, or in person at a Bank of Scotland/Halifax branch using:

Polwarth Publishing LLP

sort code: 80-22-60

account: 06483274

An order with a corresponding order number will be raised in the first instance on the web site, after payment is received, the order will be shipped.

We do not accept cheques at this time (cheques can be deposited to our account, as with BACS, see above).

All methods are secure and handled by professional e-commerce outlets.