CoDA Literature UK
A. What is 'BACS' and why don't you take Paypal/Credit Cards for orders over £20?

It's a matter of cost. Unfortunately, PayPal takes a 3.4% fee, plus a standing charge for their transactions. Our purpose here has always been to provide a highest quality possible product to members at a reasonable cost. If we didn't manage the various payment options, the price of the books would be unreasonable.

***FOR A DESCRIPTION OF WHAT 'BACS' payments are, please read this: ***

Thank you for bearing with us — but our experience thus far has been that most groups want to pay by BACS bank transfer online or on the telephone. We are currently speaking with a number of alternative providers to see if there are any better options.

Small orders under 20 pounds for individuals or small groups can still be paid on a credit or debit card through PayPal for the moment.

AA. Do you have a price list?

Yes, you an download it here: PRICE LIST

B. Are all of your products in stock?

We maintain a constant quantity of materials at all times, barring problems out with our control such as weather storms that prevent supplies from arriving, or industrial actions beyond our control, etc.

C. Why do you only use two carriers for shipping?

Well, it's complicated. After the fall of city link, we've endeavoured to find couriers that can not only live up to their remit, but also provide quality service at a reasonable price. Royal Mail remains the most competitive and reliable for small shipments under 2 kg.

For anything larger, we are actively trying out' UK mail', who seems to have competitive pricing and also handles shipments for many corporate entities in the country. Please be sure to send us any feedback concerning your shipment experiences with UK mail.

D. Are you part of CoDA or officially allowed to sell CoDA literature?

Good question! We are not part of CoDA Inc., or CoDA. We are the official licensed provider in the UK, an agreement that was mutually developed between us, CODA Inc., and the CoDA UK National Steering Committee.

All literature presented on this site are the exact conference – approved versions available elsewhere.

E. Do you sell on Amazon? Are those your books listed?

Our first priority is to facilitate the sale of literature to members, individuals and groups. Frankly, we don't know where those books on Amazon currently are coming from. The prices are outrageous in our humble opinion…

Under UK law, we will, in fact, have to register the published work through proper channels, and that may result in online retailers automatically/virtually "stocking" our products. However, due to the discounts demanded by many of these retailers – up to 70% in some cases – we encourage everyone to use the site actively.