'In This Moment' Daily Meditation Book (pocket size)



A meditation for each day of the year, written by codependents for codependents. Comes with a durable cover for daily use and wear.In depth readings on recovery, our Fellowship, common questions, Twelve Steps & Traditions, Patterns of CoDependence, etc. only without the personal stories. Cover is a dark navy blue with discrete black type for those who would like to read while commuting or in public places.The latest version of the workbook for individuals and home groups. Takes the reader through the Steps and Traditions with a brief explanation followed by a series of questions, with space for answers and notes.

NOTE: This item is currently in production and a bit behind schedule due to C-19. You may BACKORDER by including this, however it will be shipped later/separately, estimated time is 1 October or sooner. THANK YOU for your patience. 

"We are powerless over people, places and things".
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