*NEW 2024 EDITION* Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Workbook . 4th ed. SHIPS STARTING 13-15 JUNE

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2023 marks the twentieth anniversary of CoDA’s original workbook, our guide for in-depth study of our Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. The Fourth Consolidated Edition has been expanded and updated with new understanding of the CoDA program of recovery.

It includes a description of each step and tradition, its prayer, and a list of study questions. The book can be used by individuals with their sponsor or co-sponsor, in CoDA meetings, and in study groups.

New 2024

Production and terms of sale note: This is a brand new title produced by CoDA literature committees. As with any new title produced by member-volunteers, there may be slight inconsistencies or typographical issues, and are sold as-is. Issues will be corrected in subsequent, ongoing print runs. In the rare chance of any significant discovered corrections will be made via errata replacement pages, where applicable.

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