Shipping: Eu + Europe

Dear Valued CODA Members in the European Union:



EU order process 
If you live outside the UK, your order will calculate WITHOUT SHIPPING at first. You will then receive an email with various cost options. Typically, orders for only a few books is expensive, so we encourage bulk orders for home groups. In this case, the shipping costs for a bulk order up to 30KG is below. All of this is clearly explained in the shipping email. 


We are striving very hard to get a solution to the VAT issue. Please Note the following:

The very unfortunate circumstances as a result of Brexit have caused delays.

The new procedure ——— Vat Charges Imposed By Your Destination Country Will Apply.

This is completely out of our control.

Please Note:

• It makes no difference if we were to collect the VAT at purchase, or it is handled by your customs when it arrives in your country - VAT is due and payable for countries that require it.

• We cannot provide our VAT Registration number to resolve VAT. That is the old system and will not work. We do not pay VAT or do VAT returns in your home country.

When we ship the order, it will be clearly marked “VAT DUE IN RECEIVING COUNTRY” - your customs officials should get in touch with you on how to pay the VAT and receive the order. We have no control over the customs clearance procedures in your country. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE larger, group orders, which seems to be handled more efficiently.


Can I order from USA instead? — Yes, but the shipping will be much more than the VAT.

Why don’t you register with my country? — CoDA Lit UK/EU is a small operation and cannot support monthly VAT returns to multiple EU member states at this time. This affects CoDA as a whole! — We agree, this is the worst possible outcome. We are asking CoDA Inc. and the CSC TMC Committee of CoDA to review the situation.

Can you give us a discount? — in following the 7th Tradition, we cannot favour one group over another, nor can we show an opinion on ‘outside issues’ under Tradition 10.

The pricing has been kept low and has not changed in over 5 years, & we are reviewing the situation for solutions.

SHIPPING FOR EUROPE / EU - Exchange rates are ESTIMATES for reference, subject to change

Please note: There are urban myths that arise from time to time that we offer 'free shipping' or the like. Please bear in mind this is a service to fellow CoDA Members - we offer the best premium service at the lowest possible cost - we do not mark up actual shipping costs. We are not Amazon, nor wish to be!